Google Chromebook pilot media (Video and PDF available) - Spring, 2011.

"There is no software to install, no imaging that needs to be done. The less administrative burden you have to manage, the more computers you can put out in the classroom and sustain and maintain over time". -Matthew Peskay

EdSurge Feature - "Teachers Have Great Ideas. Here's How to Turn Them into Reality" Jin-Soo Huh - June, 2018

"Peskay points to the proliferation of ideas at schools as the program’s success. One pilot centered around robotics has expanded to the point that a schoolwide competition is held twice a year and has become a major part of the culture of the school. He also points to smaller details like noticing the use of stability balls in nearly all classrooms after a teacher introduced them through a pilot."

Toggle Magazine Feature

"Innovating the Charter School Environment"

“I wanted to fan the flames of entrepreneurial spirit of teachers and team members,” says Peskay, chief of innovation, technology and operations for KIPP SoCal Public Schools (formerly known as KIPP LA Public Schools). “The goal is to drive innovation and improvements across teaching and learning.”

BetterCloud Press Release

"...when Matthew Peskay, KIPP LA Schools’ Director of Technology joined the institution 3 years ago, he put the brakes on KIPP LA’s impending move to Microsoft Hosted Exchange and introduced the organization to Google Apps" -Matthew Peskay

OpenDNS (now Cisco Umbrella) Press Release

"We have seven sites throughout South and East Los Angeles, and when our teachers or administrators request changes, it’s imperative that the educational process isn’t obstructed because of a delay in applying those changes. The OpenDNS dashboard allows us to make changes to any of our sites from any device where we have an Internet connection." -Matthew Peskay

EduNation Podcast #006

EduNation Podcast #006 "Chromebooks vs. iPad Smackdown

"Matthew Peskay, Tech Director of the L.A. KIPP schools visits to talk about their Chromebook initiative"