The Praxis Group is committed to reshaping education by catalyzing the development, impact and adoption of impactful innovations at the intersection of education and technology.

"Matthew's experience using technology to power operational and instructional innovation is as good as it gets. He knows how to cut through the noise and focus on the things that really matter. I greatly appreciate the advice he's given me and Clever since our earliest days."

Dan Carroll - Co-founder and CPO - Clever

"Matthew has both an incredible depth of knowledge, and the ability to apply that knowledge to novel challenges. His phenomenal success places him as a leader at the intersection of instructional technology and business development."

Daniel Haiem - Founder and CEO, ClassCalc

"Matthew brings a thoughtful, systems-level approach to problem-solving. And, he is a really nice person to work with. I look forward to working with him again."

Jeff Coleman - Founder and CEO, BrainLeap Technologies, Inc.

"Matthew has a unique ability to take account of all the variables at play -- leadership styles, technological constraints, growth potential -- and provide succinct, actionable suggestions. He offers focused, clear coaching. He helped me build a strategic plan for growing my business. The result has been access to opportunities and markets I never thought were possible."

George Ramsay - Founder and CEO, Breath-Works

"I reached out to Matthew when I had developed some new technology around helping kids learn how to read. His commitment to education technology was apparent and his feedback based on his years of experience in the technology and education was invaluable. As a consultant he can provide valuable insights on how technology can be leveraged to impact education."

Khon Lieu - Founder and CEO, ReadingWatts

"Matthew has deep experience in educational innovation. From conception, design to implementation, he can provide insight that can be the difference between success and failure. "

Jeffrey Davitz - Founder and CEO,